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What if you could sit down with a venture capitalist and learn all the secrets to raising money?

Since most people lack direct access to VCs, we’re offering the next best thing. We've condensed 20 years of venture capital and business startup financing experience, raising millions of dollars, into this set of Seven Venture Capital Reports that take you from concept to completion.

1. Business Plans

In addition to a 15 page outline and checklist (take the guesswork out) of every critical question and section required by ALL funding sources (leave one item out and risk not getting funded), this report includes: A Venture Planning Checklist to use before you even start your business plan, How investors read your plan and in what order, The 7 critical questions that all plans must answer Business Plan Do's and Don'ts Questions will be asked that have nothing to do with your product or service?

2. 28 Ways to Finance Your Business Without Venture Capital

This report will give you many ideas not covered in any book. Methods we have used to fund many "un-fundable" deals. Plus all the business management and operational ratios you need to know about when talking to investors. How to find a lead investor and why they are so critical. How to assemble your management and support team that practically guarantees you will get funded.

3. Financial Fitness Test

This report is a complete "non-financial audit" of your business. Answer these 50 questions and check your Z Score to get an accurate view of your business. It includes an outline of pre-incorporation agreements, management errors of omission and commission, solutions and control systems for sound management. If your business is a startup, this report can be used as an early warning system so you can keep everyone on track as your company grows.

4. 10 Ways to Structure Your Deal and Attract Investors

10 innovative ways to have investors chasing you with money for your project, plus the six questions you need to answer. The basic elements of a good deal, a chart of investment returns and required rate of returns, how to find investors on the web or in your community, how to avoid scams and shams, samples of staged investment plans, and staged founders stock allocations. You know everything about your product and service, but do you know how to market your business investment? Read this report at least five times! You will be amazed at how it clarifies the key issues of funding your deal. Also included is a cover letter and a two page Executive Summary sample.

5. Business Valuation Checklist and Questionnaire

This report includes explanations and formulas for all the major valuation methods, discount factors, investment returns and venture capital valuation techniques used by the professionals. We have also included a valuation spreadsheet that you can integrate with your business plan that will show you how to value Venture Capital deals with pre and post investment values, calculate stock offer percentages and assign risk factors for the First Chicago Method. It answers these questions: How do you determine a fair value for your business, so both you and the investors win? What are the three most important steps you can take to increase your company's value after you receive your first round of funding?

6. Dealing With Banks

This report covers how to get a loan when you really need one, and includes banking checklists, evaluation criteria, and how to establish good commercial credit. Plus, as a bonus, this report shows completed financial summaries and ratio analyses used by banks to determine your "lendability". If your business is already operating, do you know how banks look at your financials? And, do you know how to get them to literally throw money at you? Read this report for the answers and insights from two of the country's top bankers.

7. Private Investors (Angels) and How To Reach Them

This report provides a complete profile of "Angel" investors: where to find them, how they invest, what they want and investment amounts you can normally expect. It also covers how professional investors and venture capital firms evaluate your deal, and why. You also receive a special case study of a "Home Run Company" and how they did it.

Plus how to identify, choose and compensate a finder or broker using the Lehman Formula. Even if you don't know anyone now who has money to invest, did you know that within a week you can develop a list of 20 or more qualified investors by following three easy steps? Once you have the list, how will you identify and approach investors and in what order? Do you know where to find private investors or partners who will introduce you to the right Venture Capital Funds? Do you know how to get your plan read by a Venture Capital firm?

Bonus #1:

A Power Point business plan that raised $6 million! This is the formula for success that presents any plan in the order and format that Venture Capitalists look for. It presents your plan as an investment.

Bonus # 2:

The second BONUS is a FREE Excel valuation spreadsheet. Here you can run tests on your Internal Rate of Return, run scenarios for various sales and expense ratios and calculate fair value of your business as it relates to investor return goals.

Bonus #3

A Third BONUS is an Excel, Integrated Financial Pro forma that you can expand and use in your business plan.

Bonus #4

Here is a first hand account of "How we bought a $2.2 million business with only $1,000". This blow-by-blow account of what happened along the way and how we raised funds, fought off disaster, and turned a $1 million plus profit on an all cash sale. Nothing is held back and everything we did is here.

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