Business Valuation Report

Do you need to know how your business is worth, want to know how much to sell to investors, or need to setup for your next round or financing?

This sample report is complete with all seven IRS valuation methods outlined and justified, including how to combine methods for a composite valuation. Also explained are which methods were used any why. This sample will give you an idea of what to look for when you have your business valued prior to any investment round.

Do It Yourself Bonus Report Included

The First Chicago Method is used to value venture type businesses by Venture Capital firms. High risk ventures are usually valued using the First Chicago Method that evaluates probabilities of success (IPO), the sideways scenario, and the failure scenario (liquidation). This method uses a high- risk adjusted, discount rate and embodies many assumptions.

We specialize in the First Chicago Method as a means of determining the pre and post investment values for entrepreneurial (pre-IPO) business investments. Contact us for special valuation services.

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