Merger & Acquisition Analysis

One of the fastest methods for modern companies to grow is through the merger and acquisition process. An acquisition is also an excellent exit strategy for companies that provide building block hardware, software or services to larger companies.


Overview of the Process

  1. Creation of a database of historic financial information.
  2. Analysis and review of the historic financial information.
  3. Generation of projected financial statements based upon current ownership assumptions.
  4. Estimation of the Company's market value.
  5. Selection of purchase price, structure and terms.
  6. Generation of projected financial statements based upon new ownership assumptions including purchase price and funding terms.
  7. Review of the projected earnings and anticipated values including analysis of returns to investors and financial statement performance.

Sample Mergers/Acquisition Study

Sample Acquisition Plan with historical, pre and post acquisition proforma analysis, optimized investment plan and post investment investor return analysis. You will have a model to follow on how to evaluate any acquisition. For an actual evaluation of an acquisition or merger for your company Contact us Today.

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