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How To Finance Your Business Venture

A Venture Capitalist Reveals 28+ Insider Secrets

What if you could sit down with a venture capitalist
and have him teach you ALL the SECRETS of raising money?

Most people aren’t able to do this, so we've done the next best thing. We've condensed 20 years of venture capital and business startup financing experience raising millions of dollars into this set of Seven Venture Capital Reports that take you from concept to completion.

A brief message about funding your venture.

Did you know there is more money looking for a "good deal" than there are "good deals" looking for money?! And yet, statistically,

  • Only 4 out of 40,000 ventures get funded by Venture Capitalists (VCs)
  • Only about 4,000 ideas reach the pre-business plan stage
  • Only 400 write some kind of business plan
  • Only 40 get some funding by angels and other sources!
  • Only 4 get funded by VC's

How is this possible? Why do so many entrepreneurs have a tough time getting funding? Because there are secrets to raising risk capital from alternative sources and VC's that you won't find in any books.

"I raised $1.5 million in debt and equity for my company without any previous business experience using the information in these reports. B. B., CEO, Entertainment and Education Facility

"I had the opportunity to buy the radio stations I was managing. I had no financial background or experience, beyond sales and only $1000 to my name! Using the information in these reports we were able to obtain a bank loan for the entire amount necessary to purchase these properties. Later we sold the stations for over $2.2 million and $1 million in pure profit." R. S., CEO, Radio Broadcasting Company

Entrepreneurs might spend months or even years developing a product or concept, but they only get one chance to raise money from a prospective funding source. These reports will show you how to get the money your business deserve.

The Business Finance Link Between You and Success

Have you been turned down for funding?

The fact is, venture capital firms, angel investors and banks need to give you money! It is the only way they make money.

If you've read all the books and magazines, taken the MBA courses, and bought the software, and still don't know where to start, or if you've been turned down for funding, you've come to the right place.

Reading and studying these reports is the equivalent of learning at the knee of the most experienced VC. Of course the added advantage is that long after you leave the VC's office, you still have the reports to refer to!

So if lack of funding is standing between you and the success of your venture, these reports might be the most important documents you'll ever read.

What makes these reports so special?

Even if you have an investor database and you have a book on how to write a business plan, there's so much more that goes into obtaining funding. And, even if you have investors standing in line to give you money, you're not home free!

  • Do you know the rules that govern investor decisions?
  • Do you understand the process from the investor's perspective?
  • Do you know how to structure your deal to make sure that your share of YOUR company doesn't get diluted out of existence?

If you don't know now, you will after reading these reports!

Venture Capital in a Box

Over the last 15 years, we've perfected an entire system for addressing your investor's needs and interests.

You will learn:

  • 4 critical management factors
  • 5 key documents
  • 6 questions all investors will ask you

You will know how to:

  • Craft the all-important, attention-getting executive summary
  • Write the perfect business plan
  • Negotiate and structure your deal
  • Devise the type of exit strategy investors dream of

Each of these essential elements is based on our personal Experience of WHAT INVESTORS WANT. (We've been on both sides of the table.)

What Others Say About Venture Planning Associates and the 7 Venture Capital Reports

"I submitted my plan based on financial models and recommendations in your reports and they asked me if Morgan Stanley had written my plan! Plus I got the $1 million loan!" A.T., CEO

"We received first round funding ($5 million) after submission of the new business plan to two VC firms. Then the VC firm asked us to show them how our financial models were created. They wanted to use OUR TEMPLATE (which we developed from the 7 Venture Capital Reports) to help them evaluate alternative scenarios for their portfolio companies!" M. L., CFO, eCommerce Internet Company

28 Ways To Finance Your Venture - Like a Pro

We say that we're giving you 28 ways to finance your venture - with or without venture capital. But the fact is, when you add up all the possible funding solutions, there are many more. And venture capital is just one of them!

Before you approach a funding source with your plan, you must know exactly what they expect and you will have a step-by-step plan to "sell" your idea. Remember you only get one chance per funding source! Here are our qualifications:

Venture Planning Associates, Inc., has

• Spearheaded development of $60 million in seed capital for Venture Capital funding community.
• Obtained second round funding $6 million for major Internet Company from two VC funds.
• Negotiated and structured 99% leveraged buyout of a communications company and sold for 10,000% profit.
• Developed international consumer products distributorship from startup to $268 million annual sales.
• Completed business turnaround 30% under budget, tripled sales, reduced expenses by 24%. Profitable within 11 months.
• Converted $3+ million of debt to equity, resulting in sale of business at $3.5 million profit.
• Increased operational efficiency of billion-dollar, scientific research facility from 68% to 99%.
•Raised more than $20 million in private placement for more than 20 startup businesses, as CEO/CFO.
• Startup experience in Internet technology, biotech, communications, finance, real estate, insurance, construction, transportation, consumer retail, and food service.

The 7 Venture Capital Reports, include:

  • Checklists for all the questions you can expect from any funding source.
  • Templates on how to actually put your business plan together.
  • Spreadsheets for testing valuation and return on investment (ROI).
  • Samples of successful financing ideas that have all raised millions of dollars for entrepreneurs.

You will learn:

  • How to identify and how to get referrals to qualified private investors and the right bank or venture fund that will be most receptive to your business plan.
  • How to define and refine your ideas to a laser beam approach. Having too many ideas and trying to cover all aspects of the business from research and development through manufacturing, distribution, sales and service does not work. We show you how to focus on the one key element that will assure genuine success and the most profit.
  • How to "defend" your business plan. Investors want to know how well you know your own business and market. Unless you know all the assumptions and research, you will not know how to defend your business plan. These reports show you step-by-step how to prepare, produce, publish and defend your plan.

You will save:

  • Money: Professional business plan writers charge between $15,000 and $50,000 for a complete business plans, valuations and deal structuring. The legal documents may double that price. By doing most of the legwork yourself, and then having it reviewed by professionals before presenting it to investors, you can save thousands of dollars because you have already done all the research.
  • Time. You will avoid spinning your wheels, wasting precious time and resources with the wrong prospects. So let's say that you got an inexpensive MBA and it only cost you $5000. Then you hired a CPA for 10 hours at $150 an hour to do your financial's. The fact is, you still wouldn't know how to present or structure your deal!

Why not forget about the MBA, the CPA and all the others, and just do it yourself?

We used to sell these 7 reports for $99 EACH (our consulting fee was $5,000). Now, you can save over $500 and get it done right the first time.

You will save thousands of dollars and your plan will take less time to complete!

Five Reasons the 7 Venture Capital Reports Make Sense

" These reports give you proven practical methods used by professional fundraisers and entrepreneurs. This is in-depth practical information you can't get anywhere else in one piece at one time. You might be able to find it scattered throughout other sources. But you would have to sift through hundreds of books and hundreds of Web sites to find it. P. B, CEO, International Modeling Agency
  1. They're the result of 20 years of experience with both "Old" and "New" economy business models.
  2. Written and assembled by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists for entrepreneurs.
  3. Information from real deals that have raised millions of dollars.
  4. Step-by-step instructions for plans and cover letters that work.
  5. Easy to follow. Just what you need, when you need it.

What You Will Learn in These 7 Venture Capital Reports

Here are the Seven Reports that will guide you through the funding process - whether it's obtaining Venture Capital or any other type of financing.

  1. I need venture financing for my business. Where do I start? (See Report #1)
  2. How can I buy a $2 million business for just $1000 cash? (See Report #2)
  3. What are the "business fitness" questions I should answer to see if I'm on the right track? (See Report #3)
  4. How do I make sure my investors don't take 90% of my business? (See Report #4)
  5. What are the venture capital valuation techniques used by the professionals? (See Report #5)
  6. What are the financial summaries and ratio analyses banks use to determine my "lendability"? (See Report #6)
  7. How can I learn to identify angel investors and how they invest? (See Report #7)

Report #1:Venture Capital Starts Here - with your Business Plan.

In addition to a 15 page outline and checklist (take the guesswork out) of every critical question and section required by ALL funding sources (leave one item out and risk not getting funded), this report includes:

  • A Venture Planning Checklist to use before you even start your business plan.
  • How investors read your plan and in what order.
  • The 6 critical questions that all plans must answer.
  • Business Plan Do's and Don'ts. How to avoid pitfalls.
  • Questions will be asked that have nothing to do with your product or service?

Report #2: 28 Ways to Finance Your Business Without Venture Capital

This report will give you many ideas not covered in any book. Methods we have used to fund many "un-fundable" deals. Plus all the business management and operational ratios you need to know about when talking to investors.

How to find a lead investor and why they are so critical. How to assemble your management and support team that practically guarantees you will get funded.

Report #3: Financial Fitness Test - An Early Warning System

This report is a complete "non-financial audit" of your business. Answer these 50 questions and check your Z Score to get an accurate view of your business.

This report includes an outline of pre-incorporation agreements, management errors of omission and commission, solutions and control systems for sound management. If your business is a startup, this report can be used as an early warning system so you can keep everyone on track as your company grows.

Report #4: 10 Ways to Structure Your Deal That Will Have Investors Chase You

10 innovative ways to have investors chasing you with money for your project, plus the six questions you need to answer. The basic elements of a good deal, a chart of investment returns and required rate of returns, how to find investors on the web or in your community, how to avoid scams and shams, samples of staged investment plans, and staged founders stock allocations.

You know everything about your product and service, but do you know how to market your business investment? Read this report at least five times! You will be amazed at how it clarifies the key issues of funding your deal. Also included is a cover letter and a two page Executive Summary sample.

Report #5: Business Valuation Principles for Pre and Post Investment Values

This report includes explanations and formulas for all the major valuation methods, discount factors, investment returns and venture capital valuation techniques used by the professionals.

We have also included a valuation spreadsheet that you can integrate with your business plan that will show you how to value Venture Capital deals with pre and post investment values, calculate stock offer percentages and assign risk factors for the First Chicago Method. It answers these questions:

  • How do you determine a fair value for your business, so both you and the investors win?
  • What are the three most important steps you can take to increase your company's value after you receive your first round of funding?

Report #6: Dealing With Banks - Get Bankers to Throw Money at You.

This report covers how to get a loan when you really need one, and includes banking checklists, evaluation criteria, and how to establish good commercial credit. Plus, as a bonus, this report shows completed financial summaries and ratio analyses used by banks to determine your "lendability".

If your business is already operating, do you know how banks look at your financials? And, do you know how to get them to literally throw money at you? Read this report for the answers and insights from two of the country's top business bankers.

Report #7: Private Investors (Angels) and How To Reach Them in 3 Easy Steps

This report provides a complete profile of "Angel" investors: where to find them, how they invest, what they want and investment amounts you can normally expect. It also covers how professional investors and venture capital firms evaluate your deal, and why.

You also receive a special case study of a "Home Run Company" and how they did it. Plus how to identify, choose and compensate a finder or broker using the Lehman Formula.

Even if you don't know anyone now who has money to invest, did you know that within a week you can develop a list of 20 or more qualified investors by following three easy steps?

Once you have the list, how will you identify and approach investors and in what order? Do you know where to find private investors or partners who will introduce you to the right Venture Capital Funds? Do you know how to get your plan read by a Venture Capital firm?

All these questions and more are answered in the
7 Venture Capital Reports.

Save the Cost of an MBA and More

How can you learn what you need to know? How can you get the right information quickly and at a reasonable cost? Here are some other options:

  • You can get an MBA: The cost of an MBA for yourself ($50,000 minimum) and three years time.
  • You can hire a newly minted MBA, but no matter how good the school, in our experience they usually have little or no practical business experience.
  • Most CPA's we know prefer not to build financial models. They prefer to account for past revenues and expenses.
  • There are lots of business planning books out there, but they are a lot like computer manuals. They tell you what the program does, not how to use the program to make money.
  • You can buy business planning software packages that range in price from $129 to $500 or more. All have fixed programs that allow you little, if any, flexibility. The results scream "canned programs". These programs will not get your deal funded.

Or, You Can
Order These 7 Venture Capital Reports

So far, if you add up the bare minimum cost of the items above, you're in the $15,000+ range, with no guarantees. And yet, for $125, Venture Planning Associates has put everything you need to know and do into a neat little package with all the answers, including flow charts, Power Point presentations and "ready-to-go" Excel spreadsheets.

Plus we've added a special BONUS!


Our satisfied customers verify the actual genius in our approaches to funding that are fully explained in these 7 Venture Capital Reports.

"With the financial and operational restructuring recommendations found in these reports, we turned a $5 million investment loss in a portfolio company in receivership, into a profitable top performer in its market. We later sold it with enough profit to cover the previous loss. And we made a profit on the sale! " R. U., CEO, GE Capital, Modular Building Business

If you are not confident that we have shown you at least 28 different ways to obtain financing for your venture, let us know within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your money.

Don't Decide Now - Let 1000 People Get Ahead of You

The decision is yours, but you should know right now that

  • More than 1000 people are busily working on getting funding for an idea similar to yours
  • A 100 are actively working on a prototype and a business plan
  • And 10 may be ahead of you!

With these reports, we know you can catch up and get in front of investors with a winning business plan, valuation, deal structure and all the support materials you need.

$6 Million BONUS, Pitch Your Deal, + FREE Spreadsheet

For extra value, order all 7 Venture Capital Reports and receive the following free bonuses developed for actual clients (fee paid by clients is shown) and generalized to be used by any business.

  • BONUS PowerPoint business plan that raised $6 million (consulting fee value, $5,000).
  • BONUS Excel integrated financial spreadsheet adapted for venture capitalists (consulting fee value, $6,800).
  • BONUS Excel valuation spreadsheet that helps you determine how to minimize the equity to give up for the cash you are seeking (consulting fee value, $3,800).

And we have just added Bonus #4

Here is a first hand account of "How we bought a $2.2 million business with only $1,000". This blow-by-blow account of what happened along the way and how we raised funds, fought off disaster, and turned a $1 million plus profit on an all cash sale. Nothing is held back and everything we did is here.

If you're serious about getting funded, this may be the best investment you'll ever make.


Do It Right the First Time - You CAN Lose by Not Acting Now!

Every day that goes by increases the distance between you
and the success of your venture.

These 7 Venture Capital Reports tell all when it comes to raising money and what you need to do it right the first time! So you CAN lose - by not acting. This is your chance to join entrepreneurs from Argentina to Zimbabwe - 98 countries in all, who've benefited from our knowledge and hands-on experience.

Who Are Our Clients?

In addition to entrepreneurs, both neophytes and veterans, a cross section of our client list includes investment bankers, stock brokers, accountants, attorneys, companies seeking merger or acquisition candidates, venture capitalists, business executives, CEOs, angels financiers, financial writers, and financial analysts.

A representative list of client companies includes: KPMG (New York), a Small Business Development Division of the Australian Government, McKinsey and Company (Switzerland), Kuwait Finance House, Sanchez Communications Corporation, KidSports West, GE Capital Hawaii, Carlson Travel Network, Studebaker's Australia, Fujita & Associates, Savannah Venture Fund, Silicon Valley Bank, South East Interactive Technology Fund, Avalon Restaurants,,, Gedeco Africa.,, and ParMasters Golf.

How to Order

You can order online immediately. If you have any questions, just pick up the phone and call toll free 888-404-1212, or outside the U.S., call 888-404-1212.

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All orders are delivered directly by email attachment in self extracting Zip files. All Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint files are fully functional.


Did you know that Venture Capital should NOT be your first choice for funding? In fact less than 2% of all deals are funded by formal venture capital companies!

Report #2 reveals 28 methods of alternative funding that most people don't even think of. If they do think of them, they are afraid to ask. We tell you how to do it.


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Is your business so HOT you don't have time to go through the learning curve or even read these 7 Venture Capital Reports?

We have TWO high-level consulting programs to offer you that include the 7 Venture Capital Reports and consulting time as outlined below:

  1. A complete business plan package, including, financial model, market research, valuation, executive summary, investor PowerPoint, and capitalization structuring, and a Regulation D offering document preparation is available for $12,450. This package includes 20 hours of consulting and corporate coaching. This is a savings of over 70% from any other service.

  2. A complete business plan review with in depth analysis, written report and recommendations for $1,250. Includes 2 hours of consulting and corporate coaching.

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Not convinced? Print out this page and reread all that you get. These reports are your first step on the road to funding.

Want to do it all yourself? Check our the Venture Map to Venture Capital or Private Financing.

Note that we cannot assure you that you will be funded. That will depend on the funding sources, your approach, and on their understanding of your business plan, the market, your management team and what is being funded by the Private Investors and Venture Capital community at the time you submit your plan.

We can assure you that you will have all the tools necessary to get funding for your business. All documents you prepare should be reviewed by your legal, tax and accounting professionals. These reports are subject to the disclaimer listed on our home page.